Custom Designed Grillz

Custom designed grillz 

You are paying a deposit to begin designing a unique pair of custom grillz. This deposit will cover the initial design and moulding stage to begin work once the design and the final cost have been finalised.

These can be crafted in your choice of metal with engraving and stones all being worked in to create a truly one of a kind piece. For these pieces you are best to get in touch with us via email and detail exactly what you have in mind, photos and drawing welcome to help get across your idea. From there we can quote your piece and begin design and making your piece.

These are removable grillz, we can also provide a permanent option for our Sydney based customers. 

To order, please let us know which teeth you want off our numbered diagram in the images, which metal and either organise one of our at home mould kits or send a recent study model made by your dentist. This deposit is non-refundable like all custom work.

if you have any questions at all please shoot us an email. 


Custom Designed Grillz