Mould kit for grillz

We finally have them available! 

Currently, FREE with the purchase of all Grillz orders. To allow us to be able to continue our work and for you to avoid travel and unnecessary contact. Please select the (with purchase kits) along with your Grillz order to access the free kits, or purchase the regular kits by themselves.


It's a very simple process to do yourself at home. It comes with everything needed to take an accurate mould of your teeth to send back to us and get your Grillz. Take a look at our detailed how-to before ordering, to help make sure you understand what's involved so you'll be ready to order. If you have any questions, shoot an email to [email protected]

Be aware that the customer is responsible for supplying accurate dental moulds. We supply our at-home mould kits, full instructions and service for those who cant come instore or see a local dentist if you feel unable to provide a mould using this method, please either book to come instore or see your local dentist for your impressions.


Mould kit for grillz

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