Custom Sterling silver grillz

Sterling silver grillz

These are crafted in solid sterling silver and custom made to fit your teeth perfectly. These are removable grillz and can be taken out and put in when required. we recommend you remove when eating and sleeping. 

To order, please let us know which teeth you want off our numbered diagram in the images, which metal and either organise one of our at home mould kits or send a recent study model made by your dentist.

if you have any questions at all please shoot us an email. 


You shall receive your job back in the mail within roughly 1-4 weeks. Once received check for the fit by simply placing and pushing gently over the chosen tooth. It should want to sit in place. If for some reason the fit isn’t perfect please send back and we will readjust and or ask for a secondary mould if the readjustment is unsuccessful. This is sometimes necessary for custom work that requires a precise fit. We will send you a secondary mould kit for you to take and send back with the tooth. Please understand custom made products do take time and occasionally require some back and forth to get you your ideal piece and perfect fit. 

Please note, custom work is non refundable. Custom pieces are built to individual specification, and will not be refunded under any circumstance. Changes made after custom work has begun, may also incur additional costs. For clarification on the custom process, or any of the conditions please get in touch.

Custom Sterling silver grillz

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